“When we say that a piece of furniture is a design object it means that we have recognized some characteristics: that they are not hand-made but industrially made, that they are functional and therefore suitable for the purpose for which they were conceived and finally that they have an original form, that is, imaginative or, on the contrary, simple and without unnecessary decorations.”
Starting from this premise, Relax has had a profound impact on the shower cubicle sector, creating a series of models that present substantial new shapes compared to the other proposals available on the market.
Although we are among the youngest manufacturers of shower enclosures, this path has helped us to create a credibility and a visibility that in a few years has led us to be among the market leaders in the modern and innovative design shower enclosure.
These are iconic products that have no equal on the market, with certified quality and their production in Italy.

BOBOX – design Giuseppe Diana

Bobobx is the state of the art among walks-in.
The most innovative feature of this walk-in is its curvature which is sinuous and elegant, as well as being useful for containing water during use. The visual impact of the glass is also enhanced by the rounded shower tray in the corner and by the Popeye support which also acts as a shower head, for a high aesthetic result.

Relax dettaglio superiore parete doccia Bobox con braccio soffione Popeye in acciaio inox
Bobox C + Popeye

Another feature of Bobox is that it is a modular shower enclosure. By adding the door, in fact, the walk-in can become a corner shower cabin, to evolve into a real multifunctional shower cubicle with shower and chromotherapy integrated in the roof and massaging hydro jets.

Relax cabina doccia Bobox A+AB+Popeye 01
Bobox con porta A+AB

BOBOX is a patented shower cabin and it has been selected by ADI (Industrial Design Association) for ADI INDEX, the most important design event in Italy.

LUXOR design Franco Bertoli

The LUXOR model is characterized by the curved glass which enhances the transparency of the crystal.

The elegant asymmetrical shape has been designed to provide a solution when we have small walls or when the bathroom door is 65 / 70cm away from the wall and there is no space to put a corner cabin. Ideal for long and narrow bathrooms.

Luxor Relax
Luxor 120 S

Luxor 140A, in the walk-in variant, is appreciated for its comfortable and at the same time functional spaces, designed for easy entry and to prevent water from leaving the shower tray. The support bar used can also be equipped with a shower head.

Luxor Relax
Luxor 140 A

KUBIK – design R&D Relax

In this case Relax has created a shower cabin with a minimalist design, in which the presence of aluminum is limited and the support bar is integrated to give perfect flatness.

Relax box doccia ad angolo modello Kubik AB F1 apertura battente parete fissa
Kubik AB+F1 finitura nero ossidata

But Kubik is also an excellent example of design combined with functionality in a shower cabin. With its pivot opening at 18 cm from the wall, the door does not hit any radiators or towel rails fixed to the wall, safeguarding its integrity from possible breakages.

Kubik, in the PLUS version, has the central column integrated in the shower cabin, complete with shower, hand shower, hydro-massage jets and integrated shelves.

Kubik Plus N

CURVE – design Svetlana Mojic

Curve is a different way of conceiving the shower cubicle. An innovative design that takes advantage of the peculiarity of the curved shower tray.

The shape of the shower tray allows a perfect guarantee against water leakage and it is combined with the tempered glass which is molded at the top.

Relax box doccia Curve AB+F1+F2 01
Curve AB+F1+F2 con apertura laterale

BELLE EPOQUEdesign Giuseppe Diana

Belle Epoque is a shower enclosure that wants to harmonize linear shapes with curved shapes by creating a wall box with generous and practical dimensions.

The whole structure is in tempered glass. The door with a pivoting opening ensures a large and easy entrance while maintaining an essential design.

Relax box doccia Belle Epoque centro parete apertura a battente
Belle Epoque with gold silk-screened glass


Art Director/Designer

It is from the nature that we must leave, from his lessons, rules, ways and times. Even in the form teaches us to be soft as in the sinuousness of a landscape, in the veins of a leaf, in a drop of water. Thus abandoning the sharpness of our being we try to emulate our dear matrix.


Design is a strategic choice that differentiates and enhances the product: a guaranteed success because it combines the harmony of the shapes with concrete values ​​of functionality and durability over time.


Create a shower space that, thanks to varying depths, guarantees the coexistence between two fundamental pluss: comfortable width and accostability.