Over the years, Relax has steadily increased its Research and Development activities, in order to design and patent innovations for the production of practical and functional shower enclosures, with a modern design and a quality guaranteed by the German institute TUV Sud.

That’s why this office has been equipped with cutting-edge drawing and analysis tools and an experimental station in order for the assembly tests to observe the product’s behavior during mechanical stress, in order to verify the quality of each component designed.

We have devised, tested and put into production various technical solutions that have made our shower enclosures easy to assemble, easy to clean, long-lasting and with a modern design.

1. Profile with insertion of the glass by pressure without screws

This profile allows the insertion of the glass by pressure without using screws, for an easy and quick assembly of the shower cabin and a high aesthetic result because the profile is without visible machining.

R&D Relax profilo a pressione
Sequence of the glass mounting made by pressure.

This solution allows you to completely drown the profile in the masonry wall, so as to have only the glass at sight for a maximum aesthetic result.

Relax dettaglio compensatore a muro con vetro a incastro e profilo annegato nella parete
Detail of the profile inserted in the wall

2. Release systems of the door without using a button

In order to have an easy-to-clean shower enclosure, in the case of sliding opening, the door release system is very important. Positioned in the lower part of the shower cabin, with a simple movement it allows you to free the door which can therefore tilt, while remaining locked in the upper part.

The mechanical system is practical and guaranteed over time.

Sgancio anta Relax
Opening of the release system

3. Internal profile covering the bearings

As it can be seen from the image below, we have created an aluminum profile for the PURO and UNICO model that covers the sliding bearings of the shower enclosure. It is both an aesthetic and functional solution. Aesthetic because when we are inside the shower cabin we no longer see the mechanism. Functional because this profile improves the cleaning speed of the shower enclosure.

Relax box doccia modello Unico Puro dettaglio giunzione superiore carter interno
Internal view of the profile covering the bearings

4. Wall profile with internal chamber and concealed screws

Extremely practical solution because the screws necessary to fix the profile with the glass on the wall profile do not remain in sight but remain within the profile itself. In this way a double result is achieved:

  1. the shower enclosure is easier to clean since the stainless steel screws supplied for fixing remain inside the profile. There are no raised screws or cover caps.
  2. the aesthetic appearance of the product is improved thanks to the absence of screws and caps in relief.
R&D Relax
Detail of the cover caps

5. Seals integrated in the profile

Innovative and patented idea.
While usually the gasket is fixed on the door, with this solution the gasket is directly integrated into the aluminum profile and ensures superior water tightness.
TUV Sud certified quality solution.

R&D Relax
Gasket integrated in the lower profile

6. Profiles and decorative caps

The decoration profile inserted in the upper profile has been designed to be matched with the different elements of the bathroom, such as the two-colored taps, the shower tray, the furniture, etc.

An elegant profile easily mountable and available in multiple colors.

Relax box doccia modello Puro Unico cornice superiore intercambiabile
Interchangeable upper profile

To give maximum elegance, the aluminum handle caps are also matched to the color of the upper profile.

Relax modello Unico Puro dettaglio maniglia tappi decorativi intercambiabili
Colored handle cap highlighted

7. Hinges and handles with interchangeable cover

In the COVER model, we give the possibility, with a simple movement of the hands, to change the color of the handle insert and the hinge in order to combine it with the other elements in the bathroom, such as the two-color taps, the shower tray, the furniture or others accessories. White, black and chrome are delivered together as standard colors. Other colors can be supplied on request.

Dettaglio Cerniera Cover con finiture intercambiabili
Replacing insert in the hinge


The company has proven over time to be a leader in design, quality, service and assistance, but this attention to improve the functionality of the shower cabin has been a highly appreciated and recognized value by the market, as it’s italian production.

Because yes, we can say it: DETAILS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE and in this Relax is on the cutting edge.

relax box
“Details make the difference” box