The design of our shower enclosures, the functional solutions that facilitate assembly and facilitate cleaning would not be successful over time if not accompanied by the quality of the product.
Quality as the product’s ability to maintain its performance over time and to ensure adequate safety for people.
To succeed in this goal, Relax since its foundation has made it a philosophy but, above all, a working method.
Let’s see why you can trust Relax quality shower enclosures:


We relied on a German institute where our shower enclosures have undergone the most severe tests to verify and certify the quality in terms of durability and product safety.

In particular, the certificates obtained demonstrate that our cabins have passed the tests of:

  • Resistance and fatigue: more than 20,000 opening and closing cycles of the doors for a guarantee of durability
  • Stability: in the event of a person falling inside the shower cabin, the shower wall resists its impact. In this case the quality guarantees the safety of the person.
  • Water retention: our shower cubicles guarantee an excellent seal against water leakage.
  • Materials: the materials we use have obtained certification for their:
    1. Easy cleaning
    2. Duration in time
    3. Safeguarding personal safety

Relax certificato tuv sud             logo tuv            relax marcatura ce


However, certification is the formalization of an activity that starts at our test laboratory. It is here that we replicate the TUV tests for compliance with high quality standards as well as we check the innovations, the improvements or simple precautions that arise from a continuous research to improve and listen to the needs of our customers.

Look at the videos that we shoot about water retention, glass seal, stability.


The materials and components of Relax shower enclosures are all of Italian origin. Relax, out of a company choice, is oriented to collaborate with the best Italian suppliers to be sure of the quality of what is bought.


Relax uses only tempered glass (or safety glass) because:

  in the event of breakage, it fragments into many very small, non-cutting pieces, so that people’s health is not endangered
–  is able to withstand temperature changes thus providing the guarantee of high durability

Vetro di sicurezza Relax
crystal fragmentation

  Aluminium profiles

It is the only material we use for our profiles because it is:

–  100% recyclable: it can be recast indefinitely and therefore it is excellent to avoid excessive energy consumption
 ecological: it does not release harmful substances into the environment
 durable: it remains unchanged over time in its external appearance
–  practical: it does not require maintenance over time
–  light: the shower enclosure with aluminum profiles is easier to transport and handle

Relax dettaglio compensatore a muro con vetro a incastro
Wall aluminium profile


The hinges that are used in our products were designed by our R&D office and subjected to mechanical stress before being certified at the TUV Sud. In this way we can be sure that these components are:

innovative both in terms of aesthetics and functionality
safe when used
long lasting

Relax Cover
Flush glass hinge with interchangeable cover and lift system

  Sliding systems

Throughout our range of sliding shower enclosures, 4 mm, 6  mm and 8 mm, from the cheapest to the highest-end product, our bearings with stainless steel balls always guarantee:

–  smoothness
–  noiselessness
–  flow
–  duration

Axia Relax
Axia external sliding system


The main Relax features of this important component are the following:

–  anti UV to prevent yellowing
–  recyclable
–  mouldable
–  stable for excellent water tightness
–  hygiene
–  easy to clean

Kubik Relax
Guarnizione con chiusura a 90°


In order to keep the production process under control, the production is done exclusively at our factories.
All processing phases, from profile cutting operations to packaging, provide for a particularly careful control system by highly skilled workers.
Each operator must check the quality of the individual component before moving the piece to the next processing phase.
That’s why our shower enclosures are shipped pre-assembled: in addition to making a final quality check, we make them faster and easier to install. This production method, so precise and controlled, is the basis of the realization, both of the standard shower enclosures and of the customized shower enclosures.

Produzione Relax


In our concept of quality shower enclosures we also include the assistance we give to our customers. Assistance that is 360 ° because it is:

  • free advice to customers, for choosing the most suitable model, based on the specific characteristics of the bathroom
  • indications for survey, measurements and assembly
  • after-sales service to resolve any problems that may arise over time.


The last aspect concerning the quality shower enclosure that we see is that of the guarantees on our products. In particular:

  • Relax guarantees the availability of spare parts for 10 years from the purchase of the product
  • Relax guarantees the durability of corrosion-resistant aluminum profiles for 7 years from the date of purchase.
  • Relax guarantees its products for 24 months from the date of purchase.

Garanzia Relax