It was in the early years of the new millennium that Relax first made its appearance in the Shower Screen market and later, in 2013, further consolidated its position assuming the identity and brand position that is so well regarded and received today throughout Italy and abroad.

Our focus, from the outset, has been on comfort and well-being and, to that end, the company itself has been structured so as to remain as dynamic and flexible as the markets it serves, a project that envisages continued expansion with research, innovation and design at its heart.

The Company’s core business in shower enclosures in the medium/high end market sector yet this in no any way impedes our preparedness to also meet client requests for a more economical range thus enabling them to more fully reach their target market. In fact, it was to that end that xpuntozero, a separate and distinct product line, was created.
The Company, covering a total surface area of 10.000 sqmt (of which 6.000sqmt is indoor), employing 30 full-time staff plus a network of both Italian and International agents and distributors, Relax has assumed an important and influential position in the market and with strong margins for future growth.


‘Made in Italy’ is an expression that, all over the world, evokes a sense of what being an Italian product really signifies. The underlying reason for such immediate recognition of the term which, over the years, has become a brand in its own right, stems from that quality characterized by the degree of excellence that is found both in Italian craftsmanship and in Italian industry in general.

It generates an equivalence with the identity of a nation capable of imbuing its materials and produce with important aesthetic value – a value perceived and recognized by so many around the world in the context of style and and one which sets the high-bar for quality of life. A genuine touch of the Italian Lifestyle.
In Relax we exemplify this principle: here not only is the design Italian but every single component part of our products is itself produced in Italy and all are TUV certified.