A ten-year history, an experience gained in the quality shower enclosure market and shared by a qualified team of people.

This is the core of Relax, a dynamic company that is characterized as a project in continuous expansion and with a brand recognized and appreciated in Italy and abroad.

Compared to the market trend, the company is dynamic and versatile, in particular to satisfy the need for comfort and well-being in the field of shower box.

Research, innovation and care in design are the basis of a constantly evolving project.

The wide range of products, is such as to satisfy all the specific needs of the market, even those of the most demanding customers, including custom made shower box.

On the shower enclosure market Relax is an important and incisive player, with its 10,000 square meters of total company area of ​​which 6,000 square meters are covered.

An Italian and international sales network, made up of agents, distributors and service centers allows it to always be close to the customer.

Relax, immagine istituzionale sede


Made in Italy is an expression that attracts the idea of ​​an excellent Italian product all over the world.

Made in Italy means transmitting the identity of the country, in order to incorporate a high aesthetic value in the material and in the product.

Making people perceive a high quality of life creating a real Italian lifestyle, is one of our goals.

In Relax not only is the design Italian, but every single component of our products is made in Italy and certified by TÜV Sud.

In every Relax product, there is all the philosophy of a company that aims to build its future on the values ​​of design, attention to detail and quality.