FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about our products

It is always better to take the measures once the shower tray has been installed and, in any case, after tiling. Alternatively, it is necessary to know in advance the thickness of the tiles + glue, the embed of the shower tray and if there is an uneven wall.
For the NICHES, we recommend to take the measures in three points: at 20 cm, at one meter and at 180 cm in height from the shower tray, in order to evaluate the verticality of the walls. For the shower tray placed in the CORNER, it is necessary to detect the external measure of the shower tray, calculated between the installed tiles and the outer edge of the shower tray itself. We also recommend that you communicate the thickness of the shower tray and the radius in case of round shower trays. Other special situations should also be evaluated: embossed decorations, shower trays with special shapes, uneven walls etc.
The opening of the shower cabin works perfectly if the shower tray is installed correctly on the floor. For minimal variations, it is possible to request the delivery of transparent shims. If the variation is over 4/5 mm, it is better to contact our service centers.
All of our products are equipped with adjustment profiles. Adjustment is different depending of the products and the kind of shower enclosures. If you need a higher adjustment than the standard one, we can provide a customized solution.
Each shower enclosure must be siliconized on the external part to avoid water infiltration. We don't recommend silicone application in the interior to avoid mildew proliferation.
We recommend using a polymeric neutral transparent silicone sealant outside the cabin. We remind you that for proper silicone adhesion it is recommended that application surfaces be dry and not handle the parts that can be opened for at least 24 hours.
Yes, each model has screws and dowels in the required amount and are suitable for fixing in the presence of brick or brick walls. When fixing on different materials (metal, plasterboard, retractable door frames or other), it is necessary to have proper dowels and screws.
All relax cabins can be installed on any flat surface, so shower, marble, tiles or stone. No floor holes are needed to ensure stability.
For proper installation, we recommend that you contact the Point of Sale where you purchased the products or contact a nearby service center nearest you to this link.
For technical questions and installation issues, Relax is at your disposal at 0421 1765124 and at e-mail [email protected] The company also uses a dense network of assistance, which can be consulted at this link, spread throughout the country. All technicians are trained in periodic training and are the most qualified to perform important measurements, standard installations, specials and extraordinary maintenance.
For the purchase and installation of spare parts, we recommend contacting the nearest technical service center among those indicated on this link.
All Relax products are covered by a 24-month warranty from the date of purchase by submitting a request to your reseller. For faster speeds, we also recommend transmitting images of the alleged product differnity. The conventional guarantee shall be excluded in the following cases: Installation performed not in the strict sense of the art, ie in partial or total disparity with respect to what is stated in the instructions; Vices resulting from poor maintenance and / or cleaning; Vices or disparities in the Relax product that have been added, modified, repaired or replaced by unauthorized manufacturing or otherwise performed by unauthorized persons; Tempered glass breakage, wear of the components subject to it, such as: bearings, gaskets, magnets, knobs, dams and guide elements. The shower cabs that are damaged at the time of receipt are not to be installed, they think the warranty is decaying.
Yes, all Relax S.r.l. shower enclosures comply with EN14428, CE quality mark and TÜV SÜD certification. Our products have passed the tests for: - Resistance to stress: all doors exceed 20,000 opening and closing cycles; - Stability: the shower wall resists the impact of a blunt object, simulating the fall of a person inside the shower (UNI EN14428) - Water retention: we guarantee the water tightness against the water jet within the shower enclosure (UNI EN 14428) - Materials: all materials used have passed the test of cleanability, durability, fragmentation.
We recommend to always dry the glasses after using the shower through a glass pane. If small deposits of limestone have been created, you can try to remove them using vinegar, better than lukewarm, or a water-based and lemon-based solution; Wait a few minutes for the product to work then remove it with a soft cloth exerting a good pressure and finally rinse. It may be necessary to repeat the operation several times. Products that are too aggressive are not recommended because they could ruin the finish of aluminum profiles.
The treatment consists in the application of a nanotechnological product that promotes the slipping of water molecules on the surface of the glass, reducing the stagnation and accumulation of limestone on the walls of the shower. It's standard for products with 8mm glass. For 6mm and 4mm is an optional
Always dry the shower cabin after use: this simple operation avoids the formation of limestone spots. For cleaning use liquid and water detergents, with a soft cloth or sponge Avoid pasta or abrasive products. Do not clean the aluminum parts with aggressive products. In the case of anti-limestone glazing, cleaning is made easier: a wipe and natural products are ideal. Always avoid using aggressive products containing silicone, which cancels the anti-limestone effect. DO NOT use pasta or abrasive products. DO NOT use bleach, alcohol, acetone, various solvents or particularly acidic products. DO NOT use silicone products.